Our environment

We recognise that our operations will impact on the environment, and we have a duty to ensure that both now and in the future we seek to minimise this impact.

Sustainability of our products

We have been placing a greater emphasis on external independent assurance, to further demonstrate our commitment to the sustainability of our products. An example of this is the Group’s successful completion of its first external sustainability audit. The Group has met the requirements set out by the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) and are the first national upholstery and carpet retailer to achieve this certification. This is an independent certified sustainability programme specifically designed for the furniture industry supply chain. FISP helps the Group identify best practice to drive continual improvement of our social and environment impact, ensuring the sustainability of our operations.

SpringBond flooring underlay

We also have a range of sustainable products including an eco-friendly carpet range and a recently launched innovative SpringBond flooring underlay product range. 85% of the underlay is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single use plastics. Furthermore, SpringBond contains no harmful VOC’s and at the end of its life the product is 100% recyclable.

Managing our fleet and estates to minimise our environmental impact

To ensure that our fleet vehicles are efficient, safe and meet the required emissions standards, all our trucks are on a five-year replacement cycle. To help minimise our CO2 emissions, we utilise route optimisation software to reduce the miles that our trucks and vans travel. Using our fleet management system we are able to monitor our driver’s behaviour on the road to ensure that our high standards of safe and responsible driving are met.

Improving our energy efficiency

We have continued to improve our energy efficiency with an ongoing programme of LED lighting installations and the replacement of outdated equipment with new energy efficient replacements. We have also embarked on a programme of replacing all gas fired appliances with a view to achieving this by the end of 2023. From April 2021 we have been supplied with 100% renewable electricity at all ScS sites. We have worked with our facilities management partners to understand our impact on the environment, specifically water and waste management. We have continued to maintain a high percentage of diversion from landfill and continue to re-evaluate and look for ways to improve our waste management.