Responsible business

At ScS, we want to create a business that we can be proud of, with a reputable brand and products that our customers love, a company that our colleagues love to work for and a business that our partners love to work with.

Achieving the above means offering our customers a wide range of quality products at great value that are sourced ethically whilst minimising our impact on the environment. Our colleagues value a culture of openness and honesty and a workplace that supports them in offering an excellent customer experience. Our suppliers want to build long lasting relationships built on trust and shared ethics.

All our suppliers are required to comply with our supplier terms which sets out our expectations in relation to health and safety procedures, anti-bribery and corruption policies, product quality standards and much more. We are committed to providing assurance to our customers that our products are safe and sourced with integrity. Our products are tested regularly and at random to ensure they meet all the regulations and British standards set out in The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988.

As a responsible business we work with our suppliers to promote responsible sourcing and ensure that all workers are treated equally with respect and are safe at work. As a member of Sedex we are able to monitor our suppliers adherence to modern slavery regulations and best practice within our supply chain.