We are ScS – the Sofa Carpet Specialists. We have over 125 years of furniture and retailing experience and have established ourselves as one of the leading furniture and flooring retailers in the UK

Our specialist colleagues are highly trained, ensuring we offer our customers the best combination of customer service, value for money, quality and product choice.

Our purpose

Our customer’s homes are special places – they are where they relax and enjoy quality time with their friends and families. Our refreshed purpose is simply ‘Helping create the home you love’. By helping our customers to bring their vision to life we hope this gives our customers a space in which they can create memories with those closest to them.

Founded in the 1890s as a family-owned business in Sunderland, we understand our customers and how important customer experience and value are to them. Working closely with our suppliers we offer a wide range of products across a broad range of price points, ensuring that our customers have the best available choice of quality furniture and flooring, and all at a price that meets their requirements. Alongside offering our customers great products, our retail colleagues are on hand to ensure that they also receive an excellent customer service. Our customers are of utmost importance to us and drive us to continuously look for ways to improve the customer journey.

Our operation

We seek to offer our customers outstanding value, quality and choice for their homes. We carefully source our products and by working closely with our suppliers we ensure that we have the right product offerings for our customers. We engage with our suppliers through regular meetings to review product quality and performance to ensure that we are meeting our customers’ needs. Our purpose, ‘Helping create the home you love’, is at the core of what we do and we believe creating an atmosphere where suppliers embrace our purpose and values is essential to our continued success. Monitoring market trends and engaging with our customers through social media channels, helps us to develop product ranges and expand our customer base.
Our in-house customer care teams ensure customers get all the help they need, and our ‘Excellent’ rated Trustpilot service gives them confidence during their journey.

Our location

From Aberdeen to Plymouth, ScS trade from 100 showrooms and Snug from 3 showrooms and 23 concessions across the UK, providing an inspiring experience and showcasing the latest developments in our range and brands. Most importantly, our showrooms provide the key ‘sit test’ to our customers. We want to ensure our showrooms are accessible and reach as many potential customers as possible; the right showroom in the right location works hand-in-hand with having great people, great product, excellent service and value.

As customer shopping habits evolve and the demand for omnichannel shopping experience increases, we are able to support our physical estate through offering all of our ranges on our website, enhanced with additional web exclusive ranges with a wider market appeal.

Our improved omnichannel offering allows customers not only to purchase with more confidence online but perform detailed research before visiting one of our showrooms. The retail network is then further supported by nine strategically placed regional distribution centres.

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