Refreshed strategy

A review of the Group’s strategy was carried out during FY21. The strategic review included a comprehensive diagnostic phase, which enabled a detailed assessment into what the Group’s key strengths are and where opportunities for improvement lie. The process engaged many colleagues across the business and identified six key areas of focus. Our ‘growth plan’ leverages our existing strengths but also invests to ensure our continued success in an increasingly digital future.

  • Outstanding team:

We will develop our leadership and invest in capabilities critical for future growth

  • Customer Driven:

We will broaden our customer base and build deeper relationships with them

  • Inspiring Ranges:

We will continue to update and expand our ranges

  • Digitally Optimised:  

We will grow our business digitally, both in channel and by encouraging customers into our stores

  • Engaging Showrooms: 

As the backbone of our business we will invest more in our showrooms to create more engaging experiences for our customers

  • Strengthen the core:

We will remain focused on trading the existing successful business model

For more information see our latest annual report in the investors section